Exiger Intelligence: Bribery and Bid-Rigging Investigation Case Study

Feb 6, 2020


A whistleblower alleged that senior employees of an IT infrastructure company were involved in bribery, bid-rigging, and other contracting irregularities. Communications for each of individuals named in the whistleblower complaint were spread over multiple computers, mobile devices, and platforms.

The company needed to rapidly investigate the individuals involved in the various contracting schemes in order to assess exposure to the issues raised by the whistleblower.


Exiger deployed a team to interview investigation targets; forensically collect data; process, cull, and analyze the collected data; and interrogate the data set for key evidence of the suspected irregularities. The investigation required immediate ramp-up of resources and short fuse reporting to help our client meet potential contractual obligations regarding disclosure.

Exiger’s data collection yielded over 2.5 million emails, chats, texts, and other documents. A small group of experts used our AI-driven processes to review the data set. The team quickly uncovered significant evidentiary support for the allegations as well as previously unknown information regarding the schemes.


Exiger’s analytics-first approach allowed us to complete the investigation and present findings to the client within a short period of time. Our efforts helped limit the client’s risk and minimize exposure to contractual liabilities.