CareerGPS is a 3-year rotational program in our Diligence business designed to cultivate Exiger’s researchers into well-rounded financial services and compliance professionals through research, project, client, and people management skill development.


Your Journey

With the support of training sessions and designated mentors, CareerGPS will guide you through three rotations:

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We will focus on training and upskilling you to be the best researcher you can be. You will have the opportunity to focus and hone in on your research skills.

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You have a solid foundation of basic public records research. You can now expand your research skillset and start to explore a functional area available to you.

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You are now a seasoned researcher. At this point, you have the option to explore a new functional area or continue on your existing functional path.

 Rotation Opportunities

With research at the core of your role, you will have the opportunity to experience:


Peer Mentor

Peer Mentor

This will be a program participant already in Rotation 2 or 3 who will help you navigate your first rotation in CareerGPS.

Executive Mentor

Executive Mentor

This will be an Exiger Leader from across the business who will be committed to developing and helping you reach your career goals.

Features and Perks 

  • Career Coaching
  • Formalized Training Curriculum
  • Networking and Social Events
  • Mentorship Program and Leadership Engagement
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Post-Program Opportunities


Opportunities to become functional leaders in our Diligence business


Possible opportunities across Exiger's business units


Opportunities to explore possible client placement

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