The professionals in Exiger’s Construction Integrity Monitoring Program (CIMP) have deep experience in disaster recovery efforts. Indeed, Exiger’s current assignments include monitoring the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) $3 billion Hurricane Sandy Recovery Program, one of the largest construction projects that New York City (“the City”) has subjected to monitoring and oversight. This work is being conducted in accordance with both FEMA and HUD guidelines, and Exiger, as the Integrity Monitor, ensures that construction activities, costs, and supporting documentation are in compliance with the guidelines of both agencies as well as Davis Bacon and local labor laws. In addition to providing compliance and audit services, Exiger’s active oversight has a proven deterrent effect against fraud waste and abuse.

Exiger’s team members also played leading roles in monitoring the City’s $500 million Rapid Repairs Program (“Rapid Repairs”), which was the FEMA funded Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering (“PREPS”) program put in place after Hurricane Sandy to restore electricity, heat and hot water to thousands of single-family homes in the immediate aftermath of that hurricane. Exiger’s team members took part in designing and implementing a monitoring and oversight program to provide real-time monitoring of the work of one of the world’s largest construction management firms and its electrical and plumbing subcontractors. Their work saved the City millions of dollars in inflated billings and other irregularities.

Additionally, members of Exiger’s CIMP also provided oversight services to the New York City Department of Investigation through the FEMA funded $1 billion cleanup at Ground Zero, and for the rebuilding projects sponsored by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (“PANYNJ”), the owner of the World Trade Center site. A significant portion of funding for those rebuilding projects came through the Federal Transit Administration (“FTA”), and all monitoring and oversight activities were conducted in a manner consistent with FTA regulations.

Exiger’s CIMP is comprised of:

  • Forensic accountants with extensive experience auditing construction projects to detect over-billing and double billing schemes, change order issues, procurement schemes, payment procedures and compliance with wage and hour requirements;

  • Construction Engineers with extensive experience detecting materials substitution schemes and Buy America violations, front loading schemes, change order fraud, falsified inspection reports, hazardous materials handling issues and procurement schemes;

  • Investigators, with law enforcement backgrounds and construction experience, who work hand-in-hand with the accountants and engineers, and are also adept at detecting illegal job-site activities and gathering needed evidence and witnesses regarding unethical and illegal conduct;

  • Project Managers, all of whom are former prosecutors, experienced in developing and enforcing compliance programs in the construction industry.

CIMP members on a collective basis have conducted integrity monitoring on over $15 billion of publicly funded construction projects. The Exiger team’s vast experience with emergency and disaster recovery projects, and its methodology of combining on-site observations and investigative interviews with a focused audit process,  has enabled Exiger to combat fraud, waste and abuse in the government’s administration of disaster recovery, construction and reconstruction projects.