Enhanced Due Diligence and Advisory Solutions for RCBI Programs

Since 2006, Exiger has been recognized as a pioneer, innovator, and leading provider of Immigration, Citizenship & Visa (ICV) due diligence and advisory services to Residency and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI) programs. A trusted partner to many of the largest and fastest growing global programs operating today, Exiger brings cost-effective and efficient enhanced due diligence and advisory solutions to the RCBI industry.






Exiger provides enhanced due diligence services for RCBI programs, global and regional banks, investment banks, and private equity firms. We operate through research centers in Vancouver, the Washington, D.C. metro area, the United Kingdom, Bucharest and Hong Kong. Exiger has over 140 full-time analysts who speak 30+ languages and maintains global relationships with sources on the ground. Our team conducts comprehensive global research to uncover references or ties to potential risks including, but not limited to:

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)



Money Laundering 

Civil & Criminal Litigation

Regulatory Actions

 Access a Full Spectrum of Due Diligence

Exiger is a global leader in enhanced due diligence, advisory, and award-winning technology solutions. We have developed specialized methodology and reporting for the ICV industry, including a one-of-a-kind risk assessment matrix to assist in evaluating individual applicants.  

Given our depth of expertise and knowledge of high-risk jurisdictions, transactions and applicants, Exiger also advises government agencies on the development and implementation of sound, risk-based policies and procedures for RCBI programs.


DDIQ: Where All Due Diligence Begins  

AI-Powered Due Diligence for Real-Time Risk Assessments

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), DDIQ bolsters the efficiency, consistency and depth of due diligence research. DDIQ learns about a subject by evaluating and analyzing thousands of sources to generate a comprehensive risk-ranked profile in minutes.

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DDIQ for Agents

  • Cost-effective Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Auditable due diligence tracking
  • Client pre-screening to identify risks

DDIQ for Government Units 

  • Auditable pre-screening methodology for applicants, agents, and service providers
  • Ongoing monitoring for future red flags
  • Scheduled refreshes for required look-backs

DDIQ for Banks 

  • Access to the best Anti-Money Laundering (AML) technology in the market
  • Client onboarding with efficiency and auditability
  • Strengthened compliance program to meet increasing regulatory scrutiny


Exiger Insight AMS is an efficient, purpose-built and reliable applicant management system used to dynamically track and manage the application and approval process.

Insight AMS helps the ICV industry by moving applications and due diligence requests through an automated process, minimizing risks for units, agents and applicants while creating an auditable and defensible work flow.



Insight AMS helps RCBI Units:  

  • Manage applicants, applications and approved applicant monitoring
  • Send and receive electronic applications and documents
  • Automate workflow, document collection, and approvals
  • Assess applicant risk based on a configurable scoring methodology
  • Store and manage all documents in one place
  • Generate tailored reports and analytics to provide valuable insights to stakeholders

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