Elevating Professional Women

Exiger is committed to the advancement of women in the workplace and economy. The mission of Exiger WINs is to hire, retain and accelerate the promotion of premier and diverse female leadership at Exiger, while raising awareness of the specific challenges for women in the workplace.

Exiger is purpose-driven to make the world a safer place to do business by fostering innovation and expertise. Meaningful innovation requires empathy and open-mindedness,  which is why one of Exiger’s greatest strengths is the diverse experiences and perspectives of our people.

Exiger WINs believes that the success of women in the workplace is dependent upon equality of power and opportunity for all identities—especially those that are often marginalized or underrepresented.  Exiger WINs strives to be an ally to any and all identities at Exiger, and actively works to promote diversity and equality in our workplace through a commitment to an explicitly anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, culturally sensitive and socially inclusive employee platform for empowerment. 

Exiger WINs provides local and global-scale programming that help raise the bar on female professional leadership and representation within the organization’s four specific areas: 

  • Foster constructive employee relationships, mentorships, coaching, and sponsorships
  • Close the gender gap for women in STEM fields
  • Promote an anti-biased, anti-discriminatory and anti-racist culture of diversity, equity and inclusion through trainings and/or content
  • Encourage corporate policies that support the safety and inclusion of all Exiger employees


We're Committed to Closing the Gender Gap in STEM Fields – Here's How

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Exiger WINs is open to all Exiger employees. Exiger WINs encourages involvement from all identities within the workplace, with the intent to positively enhance the professional experiences of all colleagues, regardless of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or any other identity.

Global activities sponsored by Exiger WINs are focused on improving systems, policies and behaviors in order to foster an intersectional culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion. Exiger WINs’ programming is dedicated to elevating and amplifying historically underrepresented voices in the Exiger community to realize the collective potential for leadership, equality of opportunity and parity.

Featured Events

WINs Event

What Does It Take To WIN?

As part of our Exiger WINs series “What Does it Take to WIN?,” Exiger female leadership provide insights into what it has taken to WIN and create value at scale for rapidly growing businesses within traditionally male dominated roles. 

This session was focused around Imposter Syndrome: the feeling of not belonging in positions of power or leadership and doubting your accomplishments. Long identified as a critical obstacle that holds back talented employees of diverse backgrounds from reaching C-suite success, Impostor Syndrome is directly linked to confidence-driven behaviors and the continued lack of gender equality in leadership positions...

Monday, March 9, 2020
WINs Event

Exiger Celebrates International Women's Day

What are you doing to make the world a safer - and more equitable - place to do business? Exiger WINs' team led in-person & virtual events across the world, powered by collective action & shared ownership for driving gender parity. Here's how the changemakers in our global offices celebrated the #EachForEqual theme honoring women's achievements, increasing visibility & calling out inequality to forge a gender equal world:

  • Q&A Live stream feat. senior female leadership candidly sharing perspectives on positioning yourself to gain equal respect, consideration & opportunity
  • SGP/HK discussion on unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Roundtable on unconscious bias & improving self advocacy with donations to UK-based charity SmartWorks
  • Lunch in Bucharest on women that have inspired you to be the people you are today 
  • Global March LinkedIn Learning challenge in honor of IWD2020 & Women's History Month
Sunday, March 8, 2020
WINs Event

Implicit Bias with Cornell Professor Tom Gilovich

Professor Tom Gilovich of Cornell University joined Exiger WINs for a live stream on mitigating nonconscious bias. We were thrilled to have Professor Gilovich visit us – he is a pioneer in social psychology and behavioral economics (and he just so happens to be the father of our own WINs member, Rebecca Gilovich!).

Professor Gilovich has dedicated his career to researching judgment and decision making, and exploring the unknown and frequently overlooked factors that influence the way we size up the world around us...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018