Exiger’s due diligence solutions were developed to help clients comply with regulatory requirements in uniquely cost-effective, timely, consistent and auditable ways. As regulatory pressure to know more about customers, agents, third parties and other business relationships continues to increase, Exiger is ushering in a new era of sustainable due diligence practices.

Exiger Diligence can provide solutions to address specific regulatory requirements to both remediate and monitor for new risks associated with existing relationships as needed:

  • Stay organized by requesting and receiving your reports easily and securely through our online portal, Exiger Insight
  • Questions and concerns arising from our findings are addressed by an experienced and attentive staff who will have participated in researching your subject
  • Our enterprise solutions support diligence needs for an entire department or across multiple regions firmwide
  • We offer due diligence project management for high volume projects such as remediations, look-backs and other large batch requests
  • We are staffed by experienced researchers with backgrounds that include private investigation, intelligence and journalism
  • Our experience, order management portal (Exiger Insight) and DDIQ combine to allow Exiger Diligence to analyze and report on the maximum number of sources and types of information at an economical price within an expedited time frame

Enhanced Due Diligence

For over a decade, our researchers have aided large financial institutions and hedge fund clients with complex investigative due diligence projects. When considering a large investment, prospective business partner or counter-party, Exiger Diligence can help with an in-depth due diligence report on companies and individuals. Experienced researchers conduct thorough, in-depth Internet research and query numerous commercial databases (supplemented with on-site searches in courts not covered electronically) to develop comprehensive profiles of the research subjects. 

FCPA Screening

In today’s business climate, “Know Your Vendor” is just as important as “Know Your Customer.” With regulators actively reviewing all aspects of your financial firm’s business, demonstrating due diligence and care when it comes to screening outside vendors is critical. “Know Your Vendor” programs conducted in a consistent, repeatable manner, using the vast array of public and open source records available today will reduce financial and reputational risks for any firm. Before engaging with vendors to support your business, they should be independently researched and verified. Over the past decade of client service, Exiger Diligence has developed a concise vendor report with detailed research covering dozens of databases and public records repositories. By taking a consistent and thorough “Best Practices” approach, Exiger Diligence researches potential vendors by looking for evidence of bribery, corruption, dishonesty, misrepresentation, questionable financial health, poor past performance and litigation, as well as media and social media postings that could indicate risks for your firm.

Manager and Fund Reports

Exiger Diligence prepares comprehensive investigative background reports on hedge fund managers, institutional money managers and the funds themselves. Exiger Diligence utilizes a vast array of resources, including thousands of public record sources, specialty subscription databases, subject matter experts, seasoned investigators and researchers to prepare valuable reports for potential investors, financial institutions and/or legal counsel. Exiger Diligence profiles are completed with industry-leading turnaround time and accuracy. 

Litigation Support

Exiger Diligence offers a variety of litigation support services for all stages of the litigation process. We conduct research to determine if there is a basis for litigation, develop an asset profile of a counter-party, locate witnesses, vet experts, check for conflicts and assist with enforcing judgments.


Through discreet inquiries, SmartSource assists clients by drilling down into the questions that matter to them most. SmartSource provides further clarity and insight into individuals and entities allowing clients to make more informed decisions about the risks inherent in a potential transaction or relationship.

SmartSource is typically employed by clients contemplating opportunities in emerging or developing markets where public records are sparse or unreliable. In addition, when potential issues of concern arise during initial public record research on an entity or individual, SmartSource can provide further color and context regarding the potential issues, allowing the client to better understand the dynamics of the underlying situation.