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Converge20: Who Owns The Risk? What Social Pressure and an Integrated View of Risk Mean for the Compliance Officer

The Ethics Movement Part 3: Third Party Due DiligenceWho Owns the Risk? What Social Pressure and an Integrated View of Risk Mean for the Compliance Officer Wednesday, October 7, 2020 | 12:40PM – 1:30PM MTThe corporate ethics and compliance landscape continues to expand. In addition to omnipresent regulatory pressure, companies are increasingly beholden to environmental and social considerations coming from Boards of Directors and Customers. Due diligence programs must now encompass an expanded scope of risk; from environmental to labor to diversity and reputational issues – and do so across a widening spectrum of business relationships; from customers all the way to vendors and suppliers. Expanding the scope and purpose of due diligence programs is one thing, but who manages the additional risks once they are identified and understood?Register for free to join 2,000+ Compliance Professionals at #Converge20 hereSpeakers: Laura Tulchin – Director & co-chair Exiger WINs (Womens Initiative Networks), ExigerAaron Narva – Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Markets, ExigerKaren Delfyett – Director & Counsel, Global Compliance, Hilton Gilberto Wong – Director, Sales and Partner Compliance, ServiceNow You can also listen to this podcast on The FCPA Compliance Report, Compliance Podcast Network and YouTube. 

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