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Corporates must adapt to a post Lava Jato World. Find out how.

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A wide range of enforcement actions have been handed down in Brazil in the aftermath of Operação Lava Jato – Brazil’s largest government/corporate sector corruption scandal to date.As the fallout from multiple criminal investigations continues, Exiger’s George “Ren” McEachern, former FBI International Corruption Squad Head, will join a distinguished panel of speakers featuring authorities who were centrally involved in investigating the matter at an event hosted on November 19 by Murphy & McGonigle in New York.“The Post Lava Jato World: How Corporates Must Adapt to the Changing Regulatory and Compliance Environment in LATAM” will showcase Ren’s experience alongside expert speakers on the enforcement effort – and the lessons corporate compliance programs need to learn in response.Speakers: Antontio Carlos Vasconcellos Nobrega Former Head of the Federal Security of Internal Affairs of Brazil (CGU) – Brazil’s federal enforcement authority.Carlo Verona Partner, Demarest A leading practitioner in BrazilBob Appleton A prominent international white collar investigations and compliance practitioner – extensive Brazil engagements, former Chief of UN Anticorruption unitRobertson Park Former DOJ Fraud Section attorney who has handled numerous high profile fraud and corruption matters and defended countless individuals in federal criminal mattersLeslie Backschies Unit Chief, International Corruption Unit, FBI Topics: What went wrong, the enforcement effort and next phase; civil and administrative efforts, sanctionsCorporate liability and the explosion of whistleblower programs and rewardsCritical components of 21st century compliance programsCollateral consequences, such as asset recovery RSVP:Further information, including RSVP details, can be found here.

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