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Diagnosing Industrial Health: Lessons Learned from COVID-19 SCRM

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Exiger was proud to partner on Intelligence and National Security Alliance’s (INSA) virtual panel featuring DASD Jennifer Santos & Exiger’s Brandon Daniels “COVID-19 Supply Chain Challenges” Read Transcript On Tuesday, April 28 INSA hosted a virtual panel discussion focused on COVID-19 Supply Chain Challenges. Over 250 people logged on to join the conversation about how the pandemic has impacted the supply chain and how the intelligence community (IC) is adjusting to ensure supply chain security moving forward.The discussion shed light on some of the challenges presented by the pandemic, as well as the new tools the IC is using to more quickly respond to disruptions.Panelists agreed that the COVID19 crisis is severely aggravating and degrading our already vulnerable supplier networks. Ensuring critical medical equipment and supplies were delivered to the frontline in time to save American lives demanded that we invest in a solution at scale by leveraging AI for supply chain illumination –– our future Industrial Health and National Security will continue to depend on it. It is our privilege to be a part of that solution for our clients at this critical time of need –– fulfilling Exiger’s mission to make the world a safer place to do business. To learn more, read our White Paper on “Leveraging AI for Supply Chain Illumination”Click to Download White Paper   Key TakeawaysJennifer Santos, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Policy, noted a silver lining: as supply chain vulnerabilities have been exposed during the COVID-19 crisis, DoD has recalibrated aspects of its mission to find more ways to work with industry to address these challenges. Mike Gordon, Vice President & CISO, Lockheed Martin Corp., discussed Lockheed Martin’s proactive efforts around bolstering remote access, not just for its employees but for suppliers as well. Lockheed Martin has also been working with its supply base to strengthen its cyber security. Austin Evans, Global Supply Chain, Risks & Controls Manager, Intel, shared how Intel has been able manage the crisis by enacting longstanding crisis plans with its suppliers and using data analytics to help mitigate supply chain problems. Brandon Daniels, President, Global Markets, Exiger, also spoke about data analytics and how it has helped Exiger illuminate where the ‘bad apples’ and the opportunities are in the supply chain. Daniels highlighted the possibility of the supply chain being weaponized if the U.S. does not control their supply chain needs.  Social Media Highlights Related Media CoverageFederal Computer Week: DOD hopes small business engagement will stave off ‘adversarial capital’ Forbes: Technology Council Member News 

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