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Exiger Tech President Brandon Daniels Speaks at SCCE Utilities & Energy Compliance & Ethics Conference 2018

 Hear from Brandon Daniels (President, ExigerTech and Global Head of Analytics) on “Third-Party Anti-Bribery, Corruption, and Reputational Risk Management in Oil & Gas”Learn how Artificial Intelligence can help companies automate a bribery, corruption and reputational risk assessment process;Understand technology’s role (and limitations) in managing risk; attendees will hear real-world case studies, including lessons learned;Learn how to enlist your organization and third parties to embrace transparency and effective risk management in supply chain, contractor and distributor operations.Third-parties are now made up of consultants, agents, affiliates, and many others. Growing operational complexity and an increasingly stringent regulatory regime make a sound third-party compliance program critical. To learn more about Exiger Insight 3PM, our powerful and flexible Third Party Risk Management Platform backed by the most advanced and intuitive technology on the market, click here. 

The risk landscape is constantly changing. Hear about the latest with Exiger.