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Exiger’s Experts Offer Practical Guidance on Auditing Anti-Corruption at Internal Audit 2019

Despite efforts to curb its influence, corruption persists around the world. High-profile enforcements relating to corruption have often led those in the anti-corruption space to ask: what role should internal audit play in anti-corruption efforts?Samar Pratt and Jonathan Chibafa will address this key question at Internal Audit 2019 in London on 30th October 2019. They will join a speaking agenda composed of internal audit leaders from a range of corporations, financial institutions and government agencies, and will present on the topic of: Fighting Corruption: The Role of Internal Audit.More information about Internal Audit 2019 can be found here.Learn more about Exiger’s audit and assurance services.–You may also be interested in…Auditing Anti-Bribery & Corruption risk [Article] What challenges arise in auditing anti-bribery and corruption at a financial institution and how can financial crime auditors overcome them?  Read article >Model Validation: It’s Time for a Fresh Perspective [White Paper]Today’s financial crime compliance systems almost universally produce false positives alert rates of 95-99%. So how can you strike the right balance between risk coverage and operational efficiency?Read white paper >

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