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Exiger’s Experts Speak at ICA’s Big Compliance Festival 2020

This summer the International Compliance Association (ICA) is hosting The Big Compliance Festival 2020. This virtual event will consist of global perspectives from 70 compliance professionals across 50 countries, including Exiger leaders Brandon Daniels and Jason Holt. Register to join their sessions and learn more about if attending this event is right for you here. Leading in a Changing Environment2 July | 10:00 – 10:30 AM BSTWe are two to three months into the ‘new world’, and the current situation looks unlikely to change for many people for several months. As managers, how do we lead our teams, adapt our management style, and manage workloads while also looking after our own well-being? In this panel session, practitioners will share their experiences and insights of leading in a changing environment, while outlining their plans for the next six months.Panelists:Brandon Daniels, President of Global Markets, ExigerJessica Cook, FICA, Head of Risk and Compliance, Europe, Maple GroupFiona Hipkiss, FICA, Managing Director, Hines Europe The Big Compliance Festival 2020: Leading in a Changing Environment from Exiger on Vimeo.Read Full Transcript from Brandon’s Panel Here  Is Change Sustainable?16 July | 10:00 – 10:30 AM BSTThis panel session will focus on the hot topic of sustainability and its intersection with the compliance world. The concept of ‘sustainability’ is broad, comprising elements of economics, environment and society. This raises the questions: Who is responsible for sustainability goals? What do regulators expect to see? Where does the compliance function fit in? What is clear is that framing decisions in the longer term has fundamental links to issues of ethics and culture – key interests of those in the compliance world.Panelists:Jason Holt, FICA, Managing Director & EMEA Regional Lead, ExigerRob Dagg, FICA, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and Company Secretary, MetfriendlyNdidi Njoku, Managing Director, Public Affairs, Policy, TheCityUKDaniel Chang, Managing Director Investment & Assessment Management, Hines The Big Compliance Festival 2020: Is Change Sustainable? from Exiger on Vimeo.Read Full Transcript from Jason’s Panel Here 

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