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Exiger’s Third Party Risk Experts to Speak at Converge19 Europe

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Corporate supply chains have become more complex and interconnected than ever. This makes it more difficult for compliance functions, who are being asked to do more with less, to assess the risks posed by the agents, suppliers and other third parties that make up the various interconnected layers of their supply chain.Rob Mitchell, Vice President and Jonathan Chibafa, Director, Business Integrity will share best practices for monitoring third party misconduct with ethics, legal and compliance leaders at Converge19 Europe on May 20th in Brussels, Belgium.They will draw on their experience helping multinational corporations to uncover reputational risks and streamline risk management programmes with technology by leading a session on ‘Third Parties: Keeping a Pulse on Misconduct Deep into the Supply Chain’.–You may also be interested in:Third Party Risk Management: Moving to ‘Business as Usual’Senior compliance and legal professionals from leading multinational corporations recently joined us in London to share best practices in how to push their risk management plans into day to day operations in a scalable way. Read highlights >Moving from Defense to Offense with Data Analytics: Plays from the Field to Manage Bribery and Corruption RiskCompanies and public agencies face a quandary when thinking about the best use of their data: they’re sitting on a huge volume of key information, but it’s often difficult to distinguish the signal from the noise. So how do you start? Read 5 key steps to help you start leveraging data to manage bribery and corruption risk. Read article >Transparency International UK Adopts Exiger’s AI-Powered Technology: Setting New Standard for Fighting CorruptionThrough DDIQ’s proprietary cognitive computing engine, Transparency International UK recently announced that they will automate comprehensive open-web and database research on its potential partners and third parties to help provide it with the assurance that they are partnering in the fight against corruption with the right organizations.Read press release >

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