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George “Ren” McEachern to Speak at Anti-Korrupsjons Konferansen in Norway

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Cross-border anti-corruption investigations require organizations to sift through an ever-greater sea of data, stretching across multiple languages and regulatory frameworks. As a result, investigators are increasingly relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology to find the needle in the haystack that indicates risk in a more efficient and effective way.Exiger’s George “Ren” McEachern will share his experience managing tech-powered anti-bribery and corruption investigations leveraged with his tenure at the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Anti-Korrupsjons Konferansen in Norway on June 7th. He will lead a session on New Technology in the Fight Against Corruption.–Moving from Defense to Offense with Data Analytics:Plays from the Field to Manage Bribery and Corruption RiskCompanies and public agencies face a quandary when thinking about the best use of their data: they’re sitting on a huge volume of key information, but it’s often difficult to distinguish the signal from the noise. So how do you start?Read Ren’s 5 key steps to help you start leveraging data to manage bribery and corruption risk.Read about how to leverage data analytics to manage bribery and corruption risk >

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