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George “Ren” McEachern to Speak at New Directions in Anti-Kleptocracy Forum

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Successful investigations into corruption and links to kleptocracy often hinge on an organization’s ability to leverage data. Whether it be in asset tracing or chasing money flows, innovative solutions that see experts leveraging data analytics are becoming increasingly effective and expected by regulators.In this context, George “Ren” McEachern, Managing Director and former Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, International Corruption Squad, will share his experience of deploying innovative technology-enabled solutions at the New Directions in Anti-Kleptocracy Forum on April 2nd. The Forum aims to stimulate in-depth discussion among academics and professionals and generate systemic and innovative solutions to counter the rise of kleptocracy.George will draw on his FBI experience on a panel discussion about the ‘Challenges of Investigating and Researching Oligarchs’.–Moving from Defense to Offense with Data Analytics: Plays from the Field to Manage Bribery and Corruption RiskCompanies and public agencies face a quandary when thinking about the best use of their data: they’re sitting on a huge volume of key information, but it’s often difficult to distinguish the signal from the noise. So how do you start?Read Ren’s 5 key steps to help you start leveraging data to manage bribery and corruption risk.Read about how to leverage data analytics to manage bribery and corruption risk >

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