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Global Head, Exiger Insight 3PM on How Technology Helps Mitigate Against Corruption Risk at Transparency International UK’s Business Integrity Forum

On Tuesday, April 17th, Aaron Narva, Vice President and Global Head of Exiger Insight 3PM will join senior compliance and anti-corruption professionals for a panel discussion, “How Can Businesses use Technology to Mitigate Against Corruption Risk” at Transparency International UK’s Business Integrity Forum. In the last few years an innovation explosion has thrust technology onto centre stage. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrencies and Forensic Tools have grabbed the public attention, with a particular current interest in Bitcoin. The acceleration of the use and availability of Bitcoin has attracted businesses and personal investors to its seemingly infinite promise of profit. More attractive, however, might be the potential for tax evasion and money laundering that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer and this necessitates a response that manages these new technologies appropriately and effectively. Equally important, however, is the potential that new technologies bring to the fight against corruption; Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already demonstrated its capability to develop a more efficient workplace and forensic tools such as Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) are being utilized by auditors for data monitoring and accountability. Blockchain, is being employed to track and trace funds all the way through supply chains and citizen-supported technology such as whistleblowing websites all look to develop a more transparent future.This Forum will explore the role that technology is increasingly playing in the fight against corruption – both in increasing corruption risks and by providing valuable tools to fight corruption. Panelists will also explore the ethical considerations arising for companies who chose to use technology as part of their strategy to fight corruption. Types of technology tools to be discussed include e-Procurement, due diligence, ethical blockchain technology and artificial intelligence systems.________________________________________________________Find out more about how Exiger Insight 3PM is helping organizations manage third party and corruption risk around the world. 

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