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ReDiscover Discovery with Exiger at EDI’s 10th Anniversary Leadership Summit

On Tuesday, October 13th & Thursday, October 15th, Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) will host their 10th Anniversary Leadership Summit: ReDiscovering Discovery, a full program of sessions and workshops that seamlessly integrate a dynamic mix of virtual faculty presenters and attendees. In addition to a focus on unparalleled program content, ReDiscovering Discovery will provide creative opportunities for virtual community engagement. This virtual format allows EDI to offer the same full-breadth of substantive content, diverse faculty perspectives and benchmarking for which the Summit is known, while adapting to ensure the health and safety of EDI’s constituency.10th Anniversary Leadership Summit: ReDiscovering Discovery10 Years of Past & Future Legal Technology Transformation: EDI Changing the Ecosystem Breakout Session | 11:30 – 12:30 PMJoin Exiger’s Brandon Daniels along with a panel of other industry innovators and experts for a discussion of major trends that have changed the course of eDiscovery litigation and investigations since EDI’s first Summit in 2011.Panelists:Andy Cosgrove Senior Counsel – Litigation, eDiscovery, and Information Governance, JUUL LabsBrandon Daniels President of Global Markets, ExigerJessica Escalera Director, Head of eDiscovery, Legal CDO, BarclaysJosh Kreamer Director of eDiscovery, AstraZenecaMaria Crawford Vice President, Associate General Counsel Legal and Regulatory Proceedings, Goldman SachsRegister for Summit Download the full conference agenda by clicking the button below.

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