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Replay: How AI is Transforming Third Party Risk Management

Exiger Live Stream – Replay:How AI is Transforming Third Party Risk Management This panel was recorded live on September 13, 2017Preview Clips: Efficiency Gains of AI for KYC / Third Party Risk Management Processes  Anti-bribery and Corruption: Are expectations from regulators changing on what companies should be doing? Third Party Risk Management: Ongoing Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Third Party Risk Management: Scope of what AI can find on a subject Guest Speaker: Michael Volkov (CEO, Volkov Law Group, LLC) Exiger Speakers: Tara Loftus, Brendan Galla and Aaron Narva (Moderator) The growing complexity of third party relationships and the immediate regulatory and reputational risks of those third parties has procurement teams, compliance officers and legal departments wondering what to do. When and how should they do due diligence? At what cost to efficiency and the budget? Today’s expansive risk environment requires new ideas and new solutions. The world has fundamentally changed and the expectations are different.  Watch the replay of our live stream where expert panelists in compliance, regulatory enforcement and technology discuss how technology can play a key role in making third party risk management better, faster and more cost-effective. Hear how companies are addressing these issues in new ways—eliminating over-reliance on staff, expensive outsourced due diligence and dated technology—and embracing the next generation technology with Artificial Intelligence. The discussion covers:How anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) regulatory risk fits into a global regulatory landscapeWhat we mean by third party risk in a global regulatory landscape – bribery? slavery? environmental? reputational? all of the above?How these factors affect a risk-based approach and segmentationHow to deal with the growing third party ecosystemLimitations of traditional processes and yesterday’s choicesNext generation technology—how to use AI and Cognitive computing to identify and escalate risk so you don’t have toToday’s end-to end third party risk management—how to evolve your program and build this all under one roof    Contact Us Speaker Bios:Michael Volkov, CEO, The Volkov Law Group, LLCMichael Volkov, CEO and owner of The Volkov Law Group, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in practicing law. A former federal prosecutor and veteran white collar defense attorney, he has expertise in areas of compliance, internal investigations and enforcement matters.  Michael spent 17 years as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. As an Assistant US Attorney, he had over 75 jury trials and extensive federal court experience. He also served on the Senate and House Judiciary Committees as the chief crime and terrorism counsel for the respective committees. In addition, Michael served as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legislative Affairs of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and as a trial attorney in the DOJ’s Antitrust Division. Michael maintains a highly popular FCPA blog – Corruption, Crime & Compliance. He is a regular speaker at events around the globe, and is frequently cited in the media for his knowledge on criminal issues, enforcement matters, compliance and corporate governance.Tara Loftus, Managing Director, Financial Crime Compliance, ExigerTara Loftus, Managing Director at Exiger, is an accomplished anti-corruption and financial crime compliance professional. Tara joined Exiger after an extensive career with UBS AG – most recently an Executive Director in the Compliance and Operational Risk department where she was the COO for the Americas Financial Crime function and the Americas Head of Anti-Corruption Compliance. In her Anti-Corruption role, she advised on all matters related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act and other applicable regulations for the wealth management, investment banking, asset management and correspondent banking businesses. Tara served on UBS’s Global Financial Crime Management Committee and was an active member of the Madison Group (anti-corruption industry group) and former co-chair of SIFMA’s Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Committee.Brendan J. Galla, Chief Product Officer Brendan J. Galla is Chief Product Officer, based in Exiger’s New York office, where he focuses on the firm’s external partnerships and investments. Brendan brings over 12 years of technology and product experience to the Exiger team. His responsibilities include working with existing partners to drive product stategy and bring innovative new products to market. He is also responsible for seeking new opportunities for investment within the risk and compliance industry.Aaron Narva, Director, Global Head of Insight 3PM, Exiger (Moderator) Aaron Narva is Director and Global Head of Insight 3PM at Exiger. Insight 3PM is Exiger’s artificial intelligence driven third party risk management platform. Prior to taking on his role as head of Insight 3PM, Aaron worked in Exiger Advisory helping corporate and financial clients with risk and compliance issues. His experience includes investigations, risk assessments, and compliance program design. Aaron also participated in the development of DDIQ, a cognitive computing driven public records research engine, and he helped to design and develop Exiger Diligence, the investigative due diligence arm of Exiger. Aaron brings 7 years of experience in corporate investigations and due diligence at firms such as FTI Consulting and Kroll. About Exiger  Exiger is a global regulatory and financial crime, risk and compliance company. Exiger arms financial institutions, multinational corporations and governmental agencies with the practical advice and technology solutions they need to prevent compliance breaches, respond to risk, remediate major issues and monitor ongoing business activities. Exiger works with clients worldwide to assist them in effectively managing their critical challenges while developing and implementing the policies, procedures and programs needed to create a sustainable compliance environment. A global authority on regulatory compliance, the company also oversees some of the world’s most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors, including the monitorship of HSBC. Exiger has four principal business units being: Exiger Advisory; Exiger Diligence; Exiger Government Services; and ExigerTech, including AI-based automated due diligence solutions DDIQ and Exiger Insight 3PM. Exiger operates through offices in New York City, Silver Spring (DC Metro), Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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