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Replay: The Integrity Forum at CAPI

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Exiger Livestream – Replay: Could (and should) you be looking proactively at data to find corruption? This panel was streamed live from Columbia Law School on April 20th, 2018.  Watch the live stream replay here. Preview Clips: Play Ren McEachern on the FBI’s FCPA Investigations “Now that the U.S. Government has found ways to work with other agencies and share these large finds and defer prosecution agreements, suddenly we began to see a lot more cooperation.” Play Brandon Daniels on How to Use Data Analytics to Root Out Corruption“ Combining information—bringing together information that allows you to have meaningful insights—is so critical in an investigation, and it’s data analytics that allows you to do that.” Play Ren McEachern on the FBI’s Evaluation of AML Compliance “We always look at the AML world and we charge money laundering charges with FCPA. They go hand-in-glove. When we did FCPA investigations, we simply started by tracing the money and the case would actually form around that. Whether you have those BSA responsibilities or not, you have a responsibility to understand your money.” Play Brandon Daniels on How Machine Learning Identifies Risks “What machine learning does is it focuses you on what are the probative points of data across a set of risks…machine learning allows you to get there, dredge up that probative risk hidden within your data, and start to categorize new information based upon that new key risk indicator. “Play Ren McEachern on Compliance Technology & the Government”It’s strange when the government sets the standard for something like technology, but once more and more companies start coming in and the government is seeing more systems like this, when somebody doesn’t come in with that system the government’s going to say, ‘What a minute…are you really here to cooperate?’…I think people have to be very cognizant of what the future looks like.” Play Brandon Daniels on a Culture of Compliance”It’s important to have a culture of compliance…Without having something to check and challenge that culture and to understand whether or not that culture is trickling down into the day-to-day practices of the business, data analytics is a method or opportunity to have a check and challenge.”  Moderator: Daniel Alonso (Exiger)Panelists: Melissa Ballard (American Express), Stephanie Brooker (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP), George “Ren” McEachern (Exiger), Matt Galvin (Anheuser-Busch InBev), Brandon Daniels (Exiger)  Bios:    Daniel Alonso, Managing Director, General Counsel | ExigerDaniel R. Alonso is a Managing Director based in Exiger’s New York office, where he focuses on monitorships, investigations, and financial crime compliance (including anti-bribery and corruption). A lawyer and former high-ranking federal and state prosecutor and ethics official, he brings a distinguished enforcement career of more than 20 years to Exiger. At Exiger, Mr. Alonso has led monitorships, other third-party assignments, complex investigations, and compliance reviews. He also serves as Exiger’s General Counsel. Immediately before joining Exiger, Mr. Alonso served, from 2010 to 2014, as the Chief Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office during the first term of District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. While there, he provided policy and operational advice to the District Attorney and oversaw a broad range of matters, including financial crimes, money laundering, and corruption in the public and private sectors.    George “Ren” McEachern, Managing Director | Exiger Ren is a Managing Director based in Exiger’s Silver Spring (DC Metro) office where he focuses on leading anti-bribery investigations and assisting multinational corporations and financial institutions with regulatory risk management. Ren joined Exiger from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC, where he was the Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, International Corruption Squad.  In this role, Ren led a team of Special Agents, Forensic Accountants, and Intelligence Analysts with a focus on investigations related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), International Money Laundering, Kleptocracy and Antitrust.  Ren worked closely with DOJ and the SEC on global investigations and resolutions, to include deferred prosecution agreements, non-prosecution agreements, declinations, compliance reviews and mediation, “Filip Factors” presentations, penalties, fines and disgorgement, individual prosecutions, forfeiture and seizure, and violations of prosecution agreements         Brandon Daniels, Managing Director, President Exiger Analytics | Exiger Brandon Daniels is Managing Director and President of Exiger Analytics. He leads Exiger’s Analytics division, overseeing the development and execution of data-driven solutions and services.  A regulatory expert and technology practitioner, Brandon brings more than 15 years in senior management across the financial services, life sciences and energy sectors. He has a reputation for technological innovation in regulatory investigations and compliance management. In his prior role as President for Clutch Group, he was the architect for many complex data analytics workstreams and products.  This included analyzing thousands of derivatives transactions, bringing together two billion structured and unstructured data points, to identify gaps in process and conduct; developing a predictive model and graph database to rank several hundred thousand offshore companies for potential tax and corruption risk; and the development of a cutting-edge contract analytics solution designed to convert agreements into key operational data points.  About Exiger  Exiger is a global regulatory and financial crime, risk and compliance company. Exiger arms financial institutions, multinational corporations and governmental agencies with the practical advice and technology solutions they need to prevent compliance breaches, respond to risk, remediate major issues and monitor ongoing business activities. Exiger works with clients worldwide to assist them in effectively managing their critical challenges while developing and implementing the policies, procedures and programs needed to create a sustainable compliance environment. A global authority on regulatory compliance, the company also oversees some of the world’s most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors, including the monitorship of HSBC. Exiger has four principal business units being: Exiger Advisory; Exiger Analytics, including DDIQ, the groundbreaking cognitive computing and intelligent search platform; Exiger Diligence and Exiger Insight 3PM. Exiger operates through offices in New York City, Silver Spring (DC Metro), Miami, London, Singapore, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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