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The Post Lava Jato World: Three Lessons for Corporates Adapting to the Changing Regulatory & Compliance Environment in LATAM

What are the biggest lessons from Operação Lava Jato—Brazil’s largest government/corporate corruption scandal to date? According to Exiger Managing Director Ren McEachern: Companies should be mindful of legislative nuances and resulting enforcement when administrations change Companies must conduct due diligence on an ongoing basis, including monitoring negative news coverage of the entities they do business with Latin America provides a vivid example of how dramatically risk assessments have changed worldwide McEachern discussed these insights as part of a recent panel of speakers at the Murphy & McGonigle event on “The Post Lava Jato World: How Corporates Must Adapt to the Changing Regulatory and Compliance Environment in LATAM.” The bottom line? The expectations are much higher today for companies doing business in Latin America or with other businesses in the region.

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