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The ExCo vs The Status Quo

Disrupting the status quo together.

Since its beginning Exiger has worked to make the world a safer place to do business.

The thesis behind Exiger was to invest equally in purpose-built technology and from-the-industry subject matter expertise to build a company to disrupt the old way of tackling compliance challenges and truly make an impact on our growing global financial crime and corruption problem.

The statistics are staggering. Despite an enormous amount of investment to combat financial crime from banks, corporations and governments around the world, the data shows that illicit proceeds from financial crime and corruption are in the trillions and show no sign of abating. Add to it the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as history shows during times of crisis, our global financial economy is more vulnerable than ever.

In recognition that the fight against financial crime won't be won by one company, one bank or one government, The ExCo vs. The Status Quo aims to bring together like-minded individuals and brands to illuminate the innovative (and often thankless) work organizations are doing to make a bigger impact.


The goal is to create a community where a diverse group of industry leaders can bring attention to a conversation, share ideas about what’s working, what’s not, and combine the strength of innovation with the force of passion to disrupt the status quo together through a shared commitment to a common goal.

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