Exiger Lends Expertise to Investment Migration Due Diligence Reports

Monday, January 27, 2020

Making the world a safer place to do business starts with setting and establishing a minimum standard across industries.

Exiger, along with other industry leaders such as BDO and Refinitiv, was invited to lend their expertise on two reports about due diligence within Investment Migration commissioned by the Investment Migration Council. These reports were researched and published by Oxford Analytica and are publicly available: 

Due Diligence in Investment Migration: Current Applications and Trends

The first report explores the role of due diligence within the investment migration industry and the different types of processes currently used by stakeholders.

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Due Diligence in Investment Migration: Best Approach and Minimum Standard Recommendations

The second report builds on these findings to set out, for the first time, what industry-wide minimum due diligence standards for governments, investment migration actors and third-party providers could look like.

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