Exiger's ICV Director of Strategy & Development Panelist at Global Residence and Citizenship Conference

Friday, November 2, 2018

Exiger is pleased to sponsor the 12th Global Residence and Citizenship Conference hosted by Henley & Partners in Dubai on November 4-6. Karen Kelly, Director of Strategy & Development for Exiger’s Immigration, Citizenship & Visa (ICV) Practice will join industry experts on the panel: “The Regulatory Conundrum: Protecting Data Privacy While Ensuring Tax Compliance and Due Diligence” on November 5 at 12:00pm (GST). Karen will share her deep subject matter expertise on Due Diligence best practices and sustainable technology-enabled solutions for the investment migration industry.

The annual event has become the world’s largest and most significant conference on investment migration. There will be over 400 attendees represented from a multitude of industry leaders, top-tier international service providers, and senior government officials who will share first-hand information on the latest developments in residence and citizenship planning.

Click  here for registration details.

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Karen Kelly , Director, Strategy & Development, Exiger Diligence

Karen is Director of Strategy & Development based in Exiger’s Vancouver office. Karen joined Exiger Diligence from IPSA International, Inc., where she assists on special projects and strategy related to the Immigration, Citizenship & Visa (ICV) Practice.