ExigerTech President & Americas FCC Head Host Lunch & Learn at SIFMA C&L on Data Management

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

 You Are What You Eat - How Data Impacts your BSA/AML and OFAC Program

*Lunch & Learn at Sifma C&L from Tuesday, March 20th @ 1:20 pm*

President, ExigerTech and Global Head of Analytics Brandon Daniels teamed up with Americas Regional Head and Global Head of Financial Crime Practice John W. Melican to lead an interactive and practical session. They unpacked recent trends in regulatory scrutiny related to data management including:

  • How data translation - from banking systems to compliance systems - creates latent issues;
  • How dashboarding empowers compliance to identify data quality issues and benefits; and
  • How to enable investigations through data driven practices.

Daniels' recent chapter on the future of compliance practices, from The General Counsel's Guide to Government Investigations, will be available on site. Daniels co-authored the treatise chapter 'Compliance Monitoring' with Managing Director Wayne Matus of UBS, and it examines emerging technology's impact on the evolution of governance, risk management, and compliance ("GRC") principles.

Click here to read the chapter for free and get an exclusive code to purchase the full guide.


SIFMA’s C&L Annual Seminar is the premier event for compliance and legal professionals working in the financial services industry. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the 2018 Annual Seminar provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders and regulators to gather for three-days of information sharing, collaboration and networking. As a proud Presidential Sponsor of the event, our team of industry experts gathered in Orlando from March 18-21, 2018 and shared our AI-Enabled sustainable compliance solutions, inlcluding award-winning technologies like DDIQ.

Missed Brandon & John's Presentation at SIFMA C&L? Download below.

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Brandon Daniels , President, Exiger Tech

Brandon Daniels is the President of Exiger Tech. He leads Exiger’s Technology Division, overseeing the execution of data-driven solutions in the firm’s regulatory and financial crime compliance efforts.

A regulatory expert and technology practitioner, Brandon brings more than 15 years in senior management across the financial services, life sciences and energy sectors. He has a reputation for technological innovation in regulatory investigations and compliance management. 

John W. Melican, Americas Regional Leader | Global Head, Financial Crime Practice

John W. Melican is a Managing Director, Americas Regional Leader and Global Head of Financial Crime Practice, based in Exiger's New York office, where he is a leader in the firm’s regulatory compliance, anti–money laundering (AML), anti–corruption, reputational risk, and due diligence practice areas.