Join Exiger's Aaron Narva & Sandra Leon for a Panel on AI & Due Diligence

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Where will the future of AI take due diligence?

Exiger's Aaron Narva and Sandra Leon will be getting real about what works - and doesn't - when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and due diligence. Join us at SCCE's 2020 New York City Regional Compliance and Ethics Conference in New York on March 13th to hear how AI is changing the future for researchers, investigators and risk professionals.


Topics include:

  • The limitations of using AI and automation in due diligence
  • What people are good at and why AI will never replace them in due diligence
  • Maximizing your research team using AI


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Aaron Narva, Senior Vice President | Head of Corporate Markets

Aaron Narva is the Head of Corporate Markets, based in Exiger’s New York office. He leads the development and delivery of Exiger's purpose-built AI-powered solutions for anti-bribery and corruption compliance.

While at Exiger, Aaron has conducted in-depth testing and review of complex financial institution compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) programs both in the US and abroad. His experience includes detailed assessment of transactions, customer due diligence, and policies and procedures. He also helped to design and develop Exiger Diligence, the investigative due diligence arm of Exiger.

Sandra Leon, Vice President, Cognitive Computing

Sandra Leon is the Vice President of Cognitive Computing at ExigerTech, based in Exiger’s Toronto office.