My Exiger Experience: Amy Chau, Marketing Manager, APAC

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Amy Chau is Exiger's Marketing Manager for our APAC region. She is also a dog lover, origami expert, and an adventurous foodie with a perpetual sweet tooth. Read on for Amy's Exiger Experience.

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: Exiger has been a great opportunity to join a dynamic team and grow our presence in Asia. I am passionate about AI, specifically how Exiger’s DDIQ is disrupting the fight against global financial crime
  • The experience: As a Marketing Manager, I create brand awareness through different channels and activities so the world will know who we are. Basically, I get to position Exiger in a way that tells the market why we're cool.
  • Looking ahead: Seeing the APAC team work as one to achieve our goals together and continuing to challenge ourselves to grow our presence in the region keeps me going. I'm also looking forward to all of the upcoming events and activities we have planned for our clients in 2019!

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