My Exiger Experience: George Cole, Manager, IT & Security

Friday, July 26, 2019

George Cole is an IT & Security Manager based in our Silver Spring office. He is also a driven problem solver, Pokemon Go! player, and Veteran. Read on for George's Exiger Experience.

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: I like to challenge myself, but what you find most often in the IT Field is specialization, where you do the same thing again and again. Exiger gives me the opportunity to work within multiple aspects of the IT and Security field, an opportunity that I relish.
  • The experience: It has been a fascinating journey; the company continues to grow and I continue to learn. I have been here almost 3 years, and I am eager to see where the next 3 years takes me.
  • Looking ahead: Excited for what the future holds: I can safely say that I am a better technician, planner and communicator than I was when I started, and I can’t wait to meet future me and see all that he has learned and all the places that working with such a talented group of colleagues have taken me.

Opportunities at Exiger

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