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My Exiger Experience Tanika Shamalia

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Tanika Shamalia joined us at Exiger this past January as a part of WiTNY’s Winternship program, in which companies provide real life experience to young women interested in developing a career in the tech industry. In the course of three weeks, we got to know her better as she and four other candidates learned about our business and completed a project on Data Analytics. 

Why Exiger Works for Me

  • The opportunity: In order to gain insight into the professional industries involving technology and thereby further my future career goals, I knew a Winternships would be necessary. Exiger in particular was able to execute that through allowing myself and the rest of the winterns to meet and speak with professionals in professions we are interested in pursuing as well as creating a network for us. Through this and the experience of being able to work with professional tools, I was excited to walk through the doors of Exiger every day.
  • The experience: We have been using Python in order to ascertain patterns and trends in data obtained from DDIQ in varying sectors. Tableau was used to visualize the data obtained. We’ve gotten the opportunity to meet with a multitude of professionals working with risk and compliance—all in different parts of the company. From this, we were able to discover careers we’d never considered before, gain knowledge of the job application process and how best to optimize it, and gain knowledge of data science essentials.
  • Looking ahead: My primary inspiration, especially as a computer science major, is future possibilities. Knowing my contributions could one day result in a more convenient and efficient future energizes me every day.

Opportunities at Exiger

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