Podcast: FT Banking Weekly – Brandon Daniels Provides Outlook on Money Laundering

Friday, July 19, 2019

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In this episode of the Financial Times Banking Weekly PodcastBrandon Daniels, President of Global Technology Markets at Exiger, discusses the scale of the challenge in tackling money laundering, and the role of technology and public-private partnerships in disrupting illicit money flows across the financial system.

Daniels’ commentary starts at 07:01. 

Listen here:


Highlights include:

  • What is driving the current regulatory focus on money laundering and sanctions?
  • What system and process challenges do financial institutions face in countering financial crime?
  • How are the private and public sector co-operating to more effectively fight financial crime, and what role does technology play in this?
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Brandon Daniels , President, Global Markets

Brandon Daniels is the President of Global Markets. A regulatory expert and technology practitioner, Brandon brings more than 15 years in senior management across the financial services, life sciences and energy sectors. He has a reputation for technological innovation in regulatory investigations and compliance management.