Noah Zaltz

Previous Experience
  • Founder, Capsaicin LLC
  • Senior Strategy Associate at Centric Digital
  • Product Manager, Third Party Due Diligence at Kroll

Noah Zaltz

Vice President, Strategy & Innovation

Noah Zaltz is Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, based in Exiger’s New York office. Leveraging a unique combination of financial crime compliance and tech start-up experience, Noah works across the business defining and driving new product, market, and operational opportunities.

Noah combines his deep knowledge of Exiger with relevant external experience leading growth in tech-enabled businesses. He was originally hired as Exiger’s third employee to help build the business and launch the brand in 2013. After leaving in late 2016 to work with management teams at tech-focused startups and hyper-growth companies, Noah re-joined the company in 2018 to help define and accelerate Exiger’s most strategic imperatives and collaborate on key initiatives with the President & CEO. 

As part of leading Exiger’s brand launch, Noah was responsible for establishing and setting strategy for many of its functions, including Product, Marketing, IT + Security, and more. He was critical to the strategic development and launch of AI-based platform DDIQ, created and launched Exiger Insight 3PM, and oversaw Exiger’s Marketing and IT + Security functions.

Prior to his first tenure at Exiger, Noah was employee #12 at digital strategy company Centric Digital, where he managed digital strategy projects for key clients, including startups, niche product and service companies, and FORTUNE 100s; one of which was awarded No.1 Digital Experience in 2013 by Forrester Research. He also focused on Centric’s product strategy, market approach, and client engagement model.

Noah boasts an impressive body of work in the compliance space, playing a key role in the development of products and service offerings to help clients more effectively identify and manage risk. He served as a Product Manager in Kroll’s Compliance business where he supported the initial launch and adoption of Kroll’s Due Diligence Portal and Third Party Compliance management tool. He also led key integration and product strategy efforts across new acquisitions and Kroll’s sister companies.

  • Boston University School of Management, B.S.