Remediations & Lookbacks

Managing the peaks and valleys of backlogs created by alerts and file maintenance can take your team offline for months at a time. As your business grows, the challenge only gets bigger. Exiger’s tech-enabled approach to remediations and lookbacks is changing the way companies manage risk.

Regulations change, alerts pile up, files expire. Exiger can help keep you current.

Our combination of people, process and technology accelerates review times while introducing consistency and enhancing quality.


In today’s complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, backlogs are almost guaranteed. Whether you need to run past transactions against new controls or bring client files up to regulatory standard, Exiger’s experienced analysts backed by DDIQ will effectively tackle the challenge, freeing your team to focus on what matters most.

Keep Your Business Moving Forward While We Look Back

At Exiger, compliance is our business. Our approach to remediations and lookbacks seamlessly combines the best people, process and technology to meet your program’s needs on time and at the quality you expect.

The People & Process to
Get It Done Right

Exiger’s analysts are experienced and trained on an ongoing basis, and make quality assurance and continuous improvement a top priority.

The Technology to
Get It Done Fast

Our analytics-led reviews take a smarter approach to help companies prioritize their adjudication activities. Powered by DDIQ, researching transactions and counter-parties takes a fraction of the time and eliminates the need for multiple tools, helping you find risk fast.

SCRM Overview

Exiger Managed Services: Because Compliance Is Our Business

More and more companies are looking for a better solution to the unabating demands of regulation and risk management. Exiger’s experienced team of analysts in our three global centers of excellence can take on all or some of your end-to-end risk management program. Let our team focus on the heavy lifting of finding risks so you can focus on analyzing it.


Fully leverage artificial intelligence and our predictive analytic tools with clean, reliable data that is derived directly from engineering drawings and other technical data that you or your sub-tier suppliers already have.

Exiger Gets the Job Done on Time, on Budget, and on Point

Exiger Completed a 10,000+ High-Risk KYC File Refresh

for a Global Top 20 Financial Institution at 2X the Productivity Rate

Exiger empowers its clients by improving its processes and implementing technology to achieve new levels of consistency, quality and time savings.

Meet Our Experts

Samar BW
Global Head of Advisory Solutions
Managing Director | Americas Regional Leader, Advisory Solutions
Managing Director, Managed Services Practice Leader
Managing Director, EMEA Regional Leader
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