We help clients identify and understand the risk that their international relationships represent, and develop the appropriate compliance controls and due diligence programs that clients need.

As a result of increased enforcement under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, the business practices of international corporations are coming under more government scrutiny than ever before. To mitigate the risk of corruption exposure, global companies know that compliance with these and other regulations must be an integral part of their business planning. However, when problems arise, the investigative skills needed to maximize their ability to understand what truly happened are often half a world away. Exiger’s unmatched investigative capabilities, global presence, deep expertise in preventing and resolving anti-corruption compliance issues, and reputation for independence and integrity make us the perfect choice for a corruption-related investigation.

Exiger’s financial investigators, forensic accountants, financial crime compliance professionals, and investigative diligence experts have decades of experience uncovering and rooting out bribery and corruption. This experience comes from long and successful careers at some of the largest law enforcement agencies, consulting firms, and financial institutions in the world and is a principal area of strength and expertise within Exiger.

In addition to deep investigative expertise, Exiger also offers anti-bribery and corruption compliance services. We help clients identify and understand the risk that their international relationships represent, and develop the appropriate compliance controls and due diligence programs that clients need. We tailor our advice to each client based on their unique risk profile, including jurisdictional exposure, operating model, and industry. 

Specifically, our investigators and accomplished group of leading anti-corruption experts can assist clients to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current ABC compliance programs;
  • Design enhancements to existing programs, including third-party onboarding processes;
  • Build and implement training programs tailored to specific jurisdictions and job functions;
  • Test, review, and update compliance programs;
  • Identify company-specific risks related to bribery and corruption, and implement solutions to mitigate those risks;
  • Conduct thorough internal investigations, including interviews and other on-site fact gathering, as well as forensic analysis of books and records;
  • Investigate allegations of bribery and financial mismanagement, including kickbacks and money laundering; 
  • Respond to a specific incident, and development of a plan to contain it; and
  • Conduct anti-corruption due diligence before and after acquisitions.

Collaboration between Exiger’s worldwide network of skilled financial investigators, an unparalleled diligence team (in-house facility with 25+ languages) and financial crime compliance experts creates an efficient and effective approach to uncovering corruption. Exiger’s professionals have deep experience working in foreign jurisdictions to identify and uncover complex corruption and bribery schemes. Our skill set effectively lends itself to both public and private sector clients, including law firms, seeking to identify corruption schemes quickly and in their entirety.   

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Case Studies

Investigation of Middle East Oil Corporation

An Exiger professional supervised a 2015 investigation into alleged corruption in the Middle East supply chain of a major oil corporation. The investigation included overseeing witness interviews and email reviews, as well as legal representation. 

Media Rights Bidding Links to Indicted FIFA Co-Conspirators

An Exiger Associate Managing Director conducted an FCPA investigation for a U.S.-based media company regarding parties involved in bidding for media rights related to soccer tournaments in the Americas. The investigation uncovered several individuals later identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the May 2015 FIFA indictment.

Global Bribery Scheme Traced in 20+ Countries      

An Exiger executive previously worked on a global FCPA investigation for a medical device manufacturer that had self-reported to the DOJ bribes paid in connection with contracts at state-run entities. He analyzed data and conducted a link analysis on individuals and entities in more than 20 countries to outline ownership details and relationships among the parties.

Personal Injury Settlement Scheme Uncovered

An Exiger Managing Director spearheaded a widespread investigation of corruption in the settlement of personal injury cases in the New York metropolitan area. The case resulted in the prosecution of more than 60 individuals, including dozens of lawyers, insurance adjusters, and a network of middlemen who transmitted thousands of kickbacks from lawyers to insurance company personnel.