Exiger’s Business Intelligence and Investigative Due Diligence practice allows clients to gather critical information in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From assessing risks inherent in contemplated transactions to identifying key facts in the context of an investigation, Exiger provides the insight into individuals and entities that clients need to make informed decisions. Through DDIQ, Exiger has a proprietary tool that streamlines and turbo-charges investigative research.

Good business requires good information. Exiger provides the insight into individuals and entities that clients need to make informed decisions.

The Exiger Diligence research team includes more than 70 full-time researchers in the U.S., UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, who collectively speak more than 25 languages at a native or fluent level. Where appropriate, the team uses its extensive global network of trusted sources to provide further insight into relevant subjects. Exiger uses particular sources in this extensive network based on the specific tasks, regions, and industries involved, as well as the underlying questions to be answered.

These sources typically include:

  • Local and international business analysts with sector and industry specializations;
  • Political risk analysts and academics who provide useful context regarding subjects or relevant issues;
  • Former journalists with insight into subjects or whose networks can develop the necessary insight; 
  • Individuals familiar with the regulatory and political environments relevant to the given business sectors; and
  • Former law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

Business Intelligence and Investigative Due Diligence Case Studies

Real Estate Developer Exposed

An Exiger team member successfully advised a U.S. client involved in real-estate litigation concerning a failed development and allegations of misappropriation of investment funds. Public records research and source inquiries together identified a broader scheme using a vast network of companies. Based on this research, the client involved in the lawsuit gained a detailed understanding of both the mechanics of the fraud scheme and how assets had been diverted to related parties offshore.

Uncovered Inflation Scheme

An Exiger team member worked with a public company’s audit committee to investigate a whistleblower’s allegation that a key company officer held an ownership stake in a key distributor. Through a combination of site visits to the distributor’s warehouse and interviews of several former employees of the distributor, investigators confirmed both that the distributor was indeed owned by an executive and that sales were being inflated.

Relationship with Indicted Politician Investigated

After a client identified a blog and other online publications reporting that the Chairman of a key client was allegedly working with a politician under criminal indictment for money laundering, an Exiger team member was engaged to examine the allegations in more detail. Sources provided information about the subject’s reputation in the region as well as background information about his relationship with the politician. Additionally, research was able to identify relevant background information and motivations behind the blog postings and their author.