Exiger Intelligence e-Discovery Solutions

Exiger Intelligence harnesses the power of AI to provide high-value client solutions for regulatory matters, government investigations, and complex litigations.

Today’s data-heavy regulatory compliance enforcement matters, government investigations, and complex litigation trigger the need to rapidly collect and analyze data to meet externally imposed deadlines. However, the answers companies need are often hidden within massive volumes of data. The diversity of data types (email, chats, ERP, audio, etc.) can make it difficult to connect the dots and draw meaning out of all the noise.

eDiscovery platforms facilitate the review of large volumes of data, but time pressure, proportionality requirements, and budget restrictions can make it very difficult to conduct these matters in a way that is both effective and efficient. Data review still tends to be based on antiquated processes, frequently relying on the hourly labor of dozens of contract reviewers. Inexperienced reviewers working in silos often overlook important information and provide inconsistent or significantly delayed results

With so much data to manage, the hardest question to answer is often “Where do we start?”

Exiger Intelligence is a comprehensive eDiscovery and analytics solution that leverages industry-leading technology to address these challenges. We offer extensive capabilities to support every phase of eDiscovery, from identification, collection and preservation, through analysis and production of documents. By seamlessly integrating deep investigative and analytics subject matter expertise with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we empower our clients to tackle the most important investigative and complex litigation tasks with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.


Our organizational commitment to an analytics-first approach is unique within the industry

The Exiger Intelligence team is made up of industry experts with experience in eDiscovery, analytics, compliance, and investigations. We utilize best in class technology – Relativity, NexLP, and Nuix - but also create purpose-built solutions to supplement our technology capabilities and tools when necessary. We constantly conduct research into emerging technologies.

Exiger Intelligence is committed to providing better results, faster insights, and lower total cost than any other provider in the industry.

  • Natural Language Processing and Named-Entity Recognition allow us to understand context across multiple channels of communication, identifying hidden connections and generating meaningful insights right from the beginning of the project. Our use of advanced analytics provides valuable insight into sentiment, intent, and behavioral anomalies. Our AI-enhanced modeling expertise enables investigative teams to effectively interrogate large and complex data sets in an integrated, holistic manner. We also feature integrated analysis of structured and unstructured data to ensure that our analyses for each project are comprehensive and that key connections are made between communications and transactions.
  • Our proprietary playbook developed over hundreds of client engagements integrates processes to streamline project execution. Machine learning models help prioritize the most relevant documents for review, minimizing false positives and drastically improving project efficiency and turnaround times.
  • Our analytics-driven approach significantly reduces the amount of manual review time required, focusing each engagement instead on leaner teams of subject matter experts.


Exiger Intelligence services cover these and many other types of engagements:

Regulatory Investigations


Bribery & Corruption

Bribery & Corruption

Money Laundering and FCC Investigations

Money Laundering &
Financial Crime Investigations

Litigation Support


Trade Securities and Surveillance

Trade & Securities


Data Breach Response


International Bank

A foreign bank identified a customer that was using a complex web of transactions to help a foreign government evade US sanctions, disguising oil transactions to look like transactions for other goods which are exempt from sanctions. The customer’s scheme attracted the attention of both the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), causing them to focus on the bank and necessitating an internal investigation.

In order to respond to the government’s inquiries, the bank needed to conduct detailed analyses of millions of structured and unstructured files. Due to security concerns, all work was required to be conducted on-site in a secure, air-gapped data room with limited access to the internet and other external communication channels.

Exiger designed and installed a powerful appliance in the bank’s data room, behind the firewall, allowing for secure and efficient analysis, review, and production. Our advanced analytics experts wrote custom scripts to link structured transactional data to unstructured communications data, enabling comprehensive transaction-level analysis. Our eDiscovery and analytics experts supported several challenging productions to the U.S. government, maintaining compliance with stringent privacy requirements imposed by the bank’s local regulator. Finally, our financial crime experts developed and executed an extensive transactional data analysis to support the bank’s lawyers in crafting effective arguments to the DOJ and OFAC.

Hedge Fund

A fixed income hedge fund discovered a rogue trader manipulating the value of his positions in order to inflate his own commissions. After the hedge fund self-reported, the SEC directed the fund to conduct an internal investigation to determine the full nature and extent of the fraud.

Investigating the depth and breadth of the misconduct required the analysis of 7.5 million documents, consisting primarily of emails and Bloomberg chats. Investigative findings had to be delivered on a tight timeline in order to fulfill the SEC request.

Exiger employed an AI-driven approach to the investigation, leveraging multiple advanced analytics tools in an integrated strategy. Using a lean team of highly-skilled experts, Exiger completed the investigation within the SEC’s aggressive timeline. Our findings were presented to the SEC and accepted without challenge, ensuring the best possible outcome for the client.