Exiger’s professionals will carefully scrutinize each allegation, and develop a surgical investigative plan, which will be carefully scoped and tailored to the matter at hand.

The world is more connected than ever before. Regulators are more assertive, criminal statutes provide prosecutors with wider territorial reach, and collaboration between prosecuting agencies and other regulators has greatly increased. Fraud, embezzlement, theft of confidential information, and other types of misconduct by a company or one of its employees in one jurisdiction may have serious implications for the company’s entities in every country in which it operates. As a result, insider threats are quickly becoming some of the biggest risks corporations face. When allegations of criminal or other insider misconduct arise, a company must understand the cause and the extent of the likely repercussions so that it can respond appropriately and expeditiously. Exiger understands this and is uniquely positioned to help.

Exiger’s experienced professionals attack the problem through fraud detection, investigation, and sustainable prevention. Our multi-disciplinary teams include attorneys and former prosecutors, forensic accountants, financial and field investigators, intelligence agents, data-analysts, investigative diligence experts with in-house native language proficiency (in-house facility with 25+ languages), and cyber and e-discovery specialists, with many decades of experience conducting investigations in the public and private sectors across the globe. 

More specifically, our professionals have undertaken investigations into allegations of:

  • Significant internal fraud by employees or Directors, including the operation of false suppliers, bogus customers, and ghost employees;
  • Embezzlement and misappropriation of a company’s funds by a trusted employee through false accounting and the fraudulent manipulation of records;
  • Vendor fraud, such as when suppliers fail to provide goods or servic es under a contract, while fraudulently claiming fulfilment;
  • Unlawful collusive trading, such as improperly agreeing not to solicit competitors’ customers, or deciding which territories each business will control; 
  • Bid-rigging or other types of contract collusion among competitors or vendors;
  • Price-fixing by agreeing with competitors what price each will charge to avoid having to compete with each other;
  • Theft of intellectual property and other proprietary information;
  • Conflicts of interest and self-dealing; and
  • Kickbacks, in which purchasing agents or other decision-makers with discretion over contracts or favorable action agree to receive unlawful payments in connection with an award.

With a reputation for integrity, discretion, and competence, Exiger makes sure that each assignment is conducted ethically and expeditiously. Exiger’s professionals carefully scrutinize each allegation and develop a surgical investigative plan, carefully scoped and tailored to the matter at hand. Exiger’s professionals have an enormously successful record of helping clients and victims uncover the truth of an allegation by leveraging a host of sophisticated investigative techniques, including: sensitive interviews with employees, managers, directors, suppliers, and customers; the collection and forensic review of documents; and the examination of emails, telephone records, and all types of electronic data from disparate sources. At the conclusion of each investigation, if the client requests, Exiger will provide a concise, professionally-written report designed to help the client manage the outcome with the benefit of a full understanding of the issue.

Fraud, Embezzlement and Kickbacks Case Studies

Argentinian Ponzi Scheme Investigated

As the U.S. federal court-appointed receiver for IATrading.com, an Exiger Managing Director uncovered a Ponzi scheme involving hundreds of investors and investments in excess of $40 million. Widespread investigations centering in Argentina followed; they involved a parallel group of investors who sought to defraud the receivership estate by concealing reimbursements they had received.

Embezzlement Investigation Secures Conviction

An Exiger Managing Director conducted a six-month embezzlement investigation at a leading multi-national entertainment company. The investigation definitively proved the misappropriation of approximately $3 million and resulted in a successful criminal prosecution.

Union's Ties to Organized Crime Revealed

Two Exiger Managing Directors investigated Italian organized crime’s extortionate control over two of the most powerful labor unions in New York City — the International Union of Operating Engineers Locals 14 and 15. These investigations yielded two federal RICO indictments and the ultimate conviction of 50 members and associates of the Genovese and Colombo crime families, as well as the heads of both unions. Local 14 was required to appoint a federal monitor, while Local 15 proactively appointed an internal monitor.

Kickback Scheme Exposed

An Exiger Managing Director conducted a complex eight-month investigation into kickbacks in the media-buying industry. The investigation resulted in a detailed public report and the exposure of numerous non-transparent practices that adversely affected the media strategies of some of the largest advertisers in the United States.

Illegal Trans-European Double-Counting Scheme

An Exiger Director investigated a $42 million false accounting fraud at a UK bottled gas supplier, which involved analyzing asset purchases and movements to uncover a fraudulent double-counting scheme. The investigators traced funds through multiple jurisdictions, including Grand Cayman, Switzerland, and Spain. The participants were convicted of UK criminal fraud charges.