Our experienced professionals minimize costs and prevent adverse consequences such as reputational damage.

Legal disputes can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Efficiently and effectively managing a dispute can serve to minimize costs and prevent adverse consequences, including reputational damage.

Exiger offers litigation support and dispute advisory services to corporations, individuals, and in-house and outside counsel in a way that contains costs and increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. Our multi-disciplinary team comprises experts from the top of their respective fields, including former federal and state prosecutors, forensic accountants, former federal and state law enforcement officials, investigative researchers, and digital forensic experts, all of whom have deep experience in supporting clients involved in complex civil and criminal litigation. Exiger can assist at every point along the dispute spectrum, from pre-complaint to post-judgment. 

Once retained, our experts will partner with the client to identify key objectives and craft a surgical, laser-focused strategy to achieve those goals. Specific services include the following:

  • Conducting targeted investigations to develop evidentiary quality facts, utilizing techniques like undercover approaches, human source interviews, and online and in-field surveillance;
  • Investigating and developing detailed profiles of adverse parties for use in depositions, investigative interviews, and trials;
  • Reviewing financial records, and providing expert forensic accounting analysis;
  • Investigating and assessing the backgrounds of proffered experts, both adverse and retained;
  • Identifying and locating assets in order to facilitate post-judgment collection of awards;
  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing crucial fact sources and witnesses;
  • Conducting targeted research and investigations to establish jurisdiction in desired locations; and
  • Detecting, preserving, and analyzing electronic evidence.

Exiger’s global reach – and in-house capability with more than 25 languages – enables us to deliver best-in-class services in countries throughout the world.

Litigation Support and Disputes Case Studies

Suit for Misleading Institutional Customers 

An Exiger executive led an investigation on behalf of a group of large financial institutions that were being sued for misleading institutional customers about financial products. The investigation identified individuals, including former employees of the bank customers, who could provide information about their level of sophistication and understanding of these products at the time of investment. Based on interviews and public records research, the team developed a database of more than 5,000 potential individuals, hundreds of whom were then interviewed. The client used the resulting information as part of its defense strategy.

Investment Management and Malfeasance

In the context of a lawsuit against a client for investment mismanagement and malfeasance, an Exiger consultant assisted in a complete re-creation, review, and analysis of a multimillion-dollar portfolio (holding stocks, options, and funds) to ascertain the specific events precipitating a more than 90 percent fall in value. The findings led to withdrawal of the suit.

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