Transparency International UK Adopts Exiger’s AI-Powered Technology, Setting New Standard for Fighting Corruption

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

LONDON and NEW YORK, September 12, 2018

Exiger, the award-winning provider of technology-enabled regulatory, financial crime, risk and compliance solutions, announced today that Transparency International UK will adopt its industry-first artificial intelligence (AI) solution, Exiger Insight 3PM powered by DDIQ.

Transparency International is the world’s leading anti-corruption NGO. Their UK chapter’s integration of DDIQ firmly demonstrates technology’s critical role in reforming corporate ethics and bringing transparency to the market to root out corruption. Through DDIQ’s proprietary cognitive computing engine, Transparency International UK will automate comprehensive open-web and database research on its potential partners and third parties to help provide it with the assurance that they are partnering in the fight against corruption with the right organizations. The platform will also enhance Transparency International UK’s research capabilities for its widely respected thought leadership and advocacy work.

Exiger’s AI-powered solutions are moving global corporations and financial institutions to a more sustainable compliance environment. By combining multi-disciplinary subject matter expertise with disruptive, purpose-built technology, Exiger is accelerating decision-making and bolstering accountability in large global organizations, enabling them to interact with the world in a more ethical way that raises the standard for anti-bribery and corruption risk management.

“Exiger is proud to team up with Transparency International UK to help fight corruption because we align on the vision of a more ethical world driven by technology, ” said Aaron NarvaExiger Vice President and Global Head of Insight 3PM. “Risk professionals are inundated with data, and as access to data continues to increase, organizations are faced with a new challenge: How do you find the most important pieces of information to drive the right decisions? Transparency International is leading by example. They can see firsthand the proven results of using DDIQ, appreciating that it fundamentally transforms the way organizations understand and mitigate risk.”

DDIQ streamlines comprehensive public records research and the due diligence processes needed to identify and mitigate corruption, sanctions violations and other third party risks. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, DDIQ analyzes public records to automatically identify and escalate risks, mimicking human research methods. By using Exiger’s technology in the same way as many of today’s leading-edge compliance programs, Transparency International UK will deepen its understanding of its third parties, increase coverage and eliminate its reliance on slower manual processes. This utilization is the latest example of how Exiger’s technology-enabled solutions are progressing global organizations towards solving their biggest compliance challenges smarter, faster and with greater confidence.

“We believe in the mission of Transparency International,” added Narva. “Transparency International UK’s decision to deploy Exiger’s platform is a recognition of the importance of emerging technologies in anti-corruption and ethical business practices.”


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