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Sanctions screening and adverse media monitoring technology proven to make life easier for risk and compliance teams around the world.
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Goodbye, Batch Screening. Hello, Continuous Monitoring.

Sanctions screening and adverse media monitoring solutions have long made promises to ease the enormous burden on teams to screen and monitor for risks associated with an institution’s most important onboarding and transaction-monitoring activities.


Powered by Exiger’s award-winning technology platform, ScreenIQ is empowering know-your-customer and transaction-monitoring teams to make confident, auditable decisions fast to keep business moving forward safely.

Exiger Managed Services Enables Teams to Manage Alerts Efficiently and Safely.

Sanctions Screening You Can Count On


In a head-to-head POC, six international banks reported that ScreenIQ accelerated their KYC process with consistent superior screening results.

Technology designed to work on its own or seamlessly integrate with ERP, CLM and other data and process orchestration technologies, ScreenIQ simplifies the process of sanctions screening by reducing false positives, alerting with clear information on watchlist, sanctions and PEP hits, and empowering fast decisions to clear or escalate.

Smarter Adverse Media Monitoring


Using DDIQ, Exiger Managed Services escalated 0.9% of 5M+ alerts for a leading global investment bank, confidently reducing the bank's time spent on review.

Powered by Exiger’s technology and designed to search further and deeper than a human, ScreenIQ learns about your subjects with every action you take and focuses on delivering the adverse media hits you need to know about without wasting your time on false positives or irrelevant information. Audit the information and risk guidance any time with a click of a button.

Power Your Teams with Exiger's People, Process & Technology

If your risk management solutions aren’t making your life easier, they aren’t solutions. Exiger is focused on introducing resources and technologies to empower teams with more sustainable solutions to manage the unabating data and regulatory challenges of today’s world.

AI-Powered Advisory Solutions

With scalable solutions designed to safely accelerate TPRM, Exiger is arming compliance teams with the tools they need to do more with less.


The world’s first purpose-built technology designed to manage today’s biggest risk & compliance challenges, DDIQ short-circuits your path to organized fact-finding so you can make critical decisions with confidence and speed.

Managed Services

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