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The Exiger Technology Platform

Developed by expert technologists and designed by career risk & compliance professionals, Exiger’s award-winning technology platform is the result of more than ten years of dedicated research and development. Exiger’s technology platform is a collection of due diligence and risk management capabilities that support everything from high-volume to deep investigations.

The Design and Development Principles Behind Everything We Do





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Exiger’s technology platform epitomizes explainable artificial intelligence. Research sources used, findings and risk-based decision points are captured in an easily query-able audit trail.


Developed following secure coding practices with regular review by a leading penetration testing firm. Exiger’s technology is designed to continually assess risk and proactively protect itself.


Our technology’s modular design lets you implement Exiger’s discrete capabilities independently or together, to fit any scale or scope.


As the risk landscape, or your company’s needs change, Exiger’s technology has the ability to detect newly emerging risks. Exiger’s technology platform learns to spot new types of risk or focus on your specific risk parameters.

Discover How Exiger’s Technology Solutions Can Solve Your Compliance Challenges

The Purpose Behind Our Purpose-Built Technology

All of the sources. None of the hassle.

Exiger’s technology platform already has connections to scour hundreds of structured sources including premium sources, government watchlists, news and media as well as the open web. It can also safely leverage your proprietary databases as needed to build the most complete picture of risk.

Entity Resolution

Exiger’s technology platform identifies trusted information about specific individuals and unique identifiers that are the subject of its search. This power enables the system to discount others with the same or similar names and prevent false hits.

Information Extraction

Using Natural Language Processing, we extract and categorize facts, events and information from unstructured text. Exiger’s technology platform categorizes and consolidates these facts about its subject across multiple sources.

Risk Identification and Understanding

Exiger technology identifies and ranks the specific risks surfaced. The risks that matter most are prioritized for additional review.


Just because a subject or business didn’t pose a risk today doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow. Exiger monitors subject entities for changes in watchlists and corporate records or new adverse media mentions, immediately sending an alert if a new red flag is raised.

Ecosystem Integration

Exiger’s technology platform was designed from the start to work with every source within your risk-management structure. Existing integrations with leading orchestration systems and ERPS, as well as an open API, means that Exiger can (and frequently does!) power due diligence processes behind the curtain.

See for yourself how Exiger Technology can accelerate your diligence process