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Exiger’s purpose-built technology and unmatched financial crime compliance expertise create the sustainable, auditable approach to identifying, mitigating and remediating risk that financial institutions need.

FI Compliance, Risk and Operations

Whether you need to enhance your KYC/TP on-boarding process, accelerate remediations & lookbacks or improve your screening and monitoring programs, Exiger’s solutions are designed to modernize every aspect of managing the complex regulatory and data challenges financial institutions face every day.

Investment and Fundraising Teams

Exiger’s broad spectrum of due diligence solutions provide everything from fast first-look profiles to the comprehensive M&A due diligence investment teams need to power their decisions with speed and confidence.

Compliance and Legal

Exiger has the expertise and technology compliance that legal teams need to efficiently and effectively monitor third-party relationships, manage regulatory investigations and make other critical business decisions.

Regulators Want More. Risk & Compliance Teams Have Less.

If your risk management solutions aren’t making your life easier, they aren’t solutions. Exiger is focused on introducing resources and technologies to empower teams with more sustainable solutions to manage the unabating data and regulatory challenges of today’s world.


The world’s first purpose-built technology designed to manage today’s biggest risk & compliance challenges, DDIQ short-circuits your path to organized fact-finding so you can make critical decisions with confidence and speed.

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Exiger’s combination of purpose-built technology and practical expertise arms governments and companies with modern solutions to solve their biggest compliance and risk management challenges.

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