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End-to-End Supply Chain Management & Item-Level Visibility

You Can't Control What You Can't See

Supply chain risk event monitoring and automated due diligence combined with advanced item-level visibility and multi-tier supply chain mapping helps sourcing, acquisition, and procurement professionals anticipate risk, lower costs and build supply chain resilience with Exiger.

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Item-level visibility and forecasting for multi-tier supply chains

Documentation of part, process and material characteristics for products, equipment and weapons systems

Automated mapping of drugs and ingredients

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Our Solutions Helps Customers Forecast, Monitor, Track and Trace:

T1 - N Tier Suppliers
unique materials Classes
Purchased Parts
Quantity of Material Forecasted (lbs.)

SDX - Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration

SDX is a secure, cloud-based multi-enterprise platform that provides customers end-to-end visibility and control over material-inputs–metals, plastics, chemicals, electronics, etc.–that flow into their products, equipment, or weapons systems.


All without requiring you to change, replace or modify your existing ERP, PLM or legacy IT systems.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage enterprise-level purchasing power

  • Orchestrate interactions & enhance supplier collaboration

  • Visualize supply & reduce risk

  • Improve forecasting & ensure continuity of supply

  • Keep bills of material (BOM) up-to-date & accurate over time


PAC - Reliable Structured Information

Part Attribute Characterization (PAC) is a software and engineering driven service that delivers reliable, structured bill-of-material information about the parts, materials and manufacturing processes—including Outside Special Processes (OSPs)—that go into your products, equipment, or weapons systems.


Fully leverage artificial intelligence and our predictive analytic tools with clean reliable data that is derived directly from engineering drawings and other technical data that you or your sub-tier suppliers already have.

Key Benefits

  • Classify parts by their attributes

  • Match part attributes to part manufacturer capabilities

  • Increase RFQ responses by targeting qualified suppliers

  • Determine opportunities for standardization

  • Identify equivalency relationships across multiple part numbers



ExploreRx is an automated process for mapping any drug by cross-referencing, indexing and normalizing information contained in public and private databases.


This process captures finished drugs, drug attributes, active and inactive ingredient (APIs and excipients), known N-tier suppliers, and in some cases, chemical precursors, all with little to no manual intervention.


When available, attributes captured for each drug include strength, dosage form, administration route, pharmacologic category, and packaging information.

Key Benefits

  • Supply chain resilience/risk mitigation

  • Rapid response when disruptions are detected

  • Identification of active and inactive ingredients, precursors and countries of origin

  • Ability to forecast and collaborate with N-tier suppliers

  • Identification of country of origin, approved sources, sole sources and alternative sources