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SDX - Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration

A secure, cloud-based multi-enterprise platform that provides customers end-to-end visibility and control over material-inputs—metals, plastics, chemicals, electronics, etc.—that flow into their products, equipment or weapons systems.


All without requiring you to change, replace or modify your existing ERP, PLM or legacy IT systems.

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics and a Re-Imagined Approach to Procurement

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Drive volume buys and improved service levels with material demand aggregation/directed buy programs.


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Conduct better supplier negotiations and implement smarter sourcing strategies through improved collaboration and more accurate forecasting.
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Visualize your global supply base to uncover hidden tiers of supply and mitigate the risk of supply disruptions and compliance violations.
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Improve multi-tier forecasting and strategic planning and curtail delays by ensuring continuity of supply.

Enable the ‘Smart’ Supply Chain.

SDX serves as the digital thread across your distributed manufacturing network, reconnecting your finished parts with the raw materials and component parts that go into them. Couple advanced supply chain analytics with a re-imagined approach to procurement.


As a SaaS based, multi-enterprise platform, SDX allows unprecedented cooperation and collaboration with your entire supply network.


No Integrations Required

As much or as little integration with your ERP, MRP, or legacy IT systems as you’re comfortable with.


Multi-Enterprise Design

Facilitate collaboration across business units, alliance partners, and external stakeholders. One system of truth drives optimal performance.


Secure, Role-Based Access

NIST-800-171 compliant. Role-based user access based on identity, nationality and job function.


Flexible Reporting Framework

A robust data framework provides powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities and iron-clad security.


Reference Libraries

A comprehensive set of part, process, material, supplier and product reference libraries with built-in referential integrity checks.


Collaboration Dashboard

Rich user-interface and executive dashboard provide prescriptive vs. descriptive insights. Built-in machine learning/artificial intelligence.