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Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management is a multi-faceted and dynamic landscape of risk vectors and opportunities that must be consistently assessed and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing geopolitical landscape . . . but how?

Transform Your Supplier Data Into Actionable Insights

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Rooting out the risks lurking deep within your supply chain requires resources designed to take large volumes of complex data, find facts fast, analyze them and present it in a way that pinpoints the risks that matter most to you.

Exiger is arming companies and governments with flexible solutions to take control of their supplier exposure story and inform their decisions with comprehensive real-time data accessible with the click of a button.      


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Exiger uses technology to make the world more transparent. We illuminate the dark corners and alleys so there are fewer places for criminals, terrorists, and foreign intelligence agents to hide.

Technology Alliances Manager

SVP, Exiger Federal Solutions

Next Level Identification for Nth Level Clarity

Illuminate your entire supply chain, providing a complete picture of dynamic risk, not just a snapshot, using DDIQ and state-of-the-art visualization tools.

Configurable Visual Risk Assessments

Regulation and risk appetite can change quickly. Keep up using our configurable models designed to easily adjust to your fast evolving program needs.

Power and Prioritize with Dynamic Dashboards

DDIQ Analytics puts you in control with fully configurable dashboards and clear, concise briefings on your suppliers. All the information you need to take confident action . . . fast.

Accelerate Transparency in Your Supply Chain

Exiger’s purpose-built technology surfaces the risks that may be hiding deep within your supply chain.

False Positive and Noise Reduction
Access to Information from 300M+ Companies & 6B People
Languages Searched

Purpose-Built Technology

Exiger’s DDIQ platform allows government agencies to gain new levels of insights into where risks exist within their supply chains. As the public sector modernizes its IT infrastructure and eyes new solutions, being able to leverage the scale and speed that DDIQ’s AI-enabled solutions offer provides agencies the peace of mind of knowing their risk assessments are current and actionable.

Innovative and Intelligence Solutions at Carahsoft

Real World Experience

Real-World Experience

Our acquisition, threat finance, risk and compliance inspection experts have the experience to get the job done. Our analysts:

  • Previously headed the Department of Navy’s counterintelligence analysis for technology protection and supply chain risk management
  • Drove The White House review following the Washington Navy Yard shooting in 2013
  • Created the first Social Media Clearance product and implemented the first Social Media Continuous Evaluation pilot program within the U.S. government
  • Spearheaded the transformation of the DoD Global Watch

Illuminate Supply Chain Risk with DDIQ

DDIQ’s award-winning AI powers rapid and continuous broad-scope, high-value intelligence at a lower cost and an unprecedented scale to light potential dark corners in your supply chain.

Exiger Helped Ensure Safe and Reliable COVID-19 Products Were Deployed Securely and Expeditiously to our Healthcare Frontlines, While Preventing Hundreds of Millions Spent on High-Risk Companies

COVID-19 amplifies the ongoing need for supply chain risk protection. Exiger DDIQ powers rapid and continuous mission-critical intelligence at a lower-cost and an unprecedented scale.

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