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That Matter Most

Whether you’re tasked with onboarding and monitoring third party relationships or need to manage regulatory investigations in a cost-effective way, Exiger’s combination of practical expertise and award-winning technology are helping compliance & legal teams make critical business decisions with speed and confidence.

Insight 3PM is a mainstay of our program. Everyone with whom I have worked over the course of this relationship has provided great customer service to ensure we have what we need to be able to move forward as efficiently as possible.

Panasonic Avionics Corporation
what we do

What we do.

Supply Chain Management

End-to-end supply chain visibility and holistic risk management in a single, secure, cloud-based enterprise platform.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Collect information, risk-rank, and conduct due diligence on your third-party relationships to make partnership decisions with speed and confidence.

Sanctions & Media Screening

Sanctions screening and adverse media monitoring technology that empower risk and compliance teams to make auditable decisions quickly.

AI Powered Due Diligence

Accelerate your onboarding and pinpoint the risks that matter most with Exiger’s award-winning technology.

“Exiger represents the gold standard in corporate compliance and integrity assurance.”

CEO, Draft Kings

How well do you know what you’re investing in?

Pre-IPO, DDIQ Unearthed A Federal Drug Crime Against A Subject Being Considered As A Trustee

DDIQ combined with Exiger’s team of diligence experts, mitigated the firm’s reputational risk

Exiger has the automated investment intelligence technology and the global reach to perform fast and thorough due diligence, providing the clarity and insight you need to make informed decisions about the risks that matter the most to you and your business.

Third Party Risk Management

Exiger Helped One Global Corporation Save Over $1MM

By automating third party risk management and accelerating onboarding.

Exiger’s end-to-end third party risk management solutions are powered by our award-winning technology and rooted in our anti-bribery and anti-corruption expertise. With modern solutions designed to help compliance teams manage the onboarding, risk-ranking, vetting and monitoring of their third parties, Exiger Insight 3PM helps companies accelerate safe growth through compliance.

The Expertise You Want. The Technology You Need.

Exiger’s modern approach to risk management is transforming the fight against fraud and financial crime.

Insight 3PM

Powered by DDIQ, Exiger’s Insight 3PM workflow tool seamlessly facilitates the onboarding and vetting of your most important business relationships.

Third Party Due Diligence

Powered by DDIQ, our approach to due diligence gives you the risk information you need to make confident decisions . . . fast.

Anti-Bribery &
Anti-Corruption Expertise

Does your compliance program work for you or is it the other way around?
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