Exiger has extensive experience assessing global compliance infrastructure and activities. Whether in response to formal regulatory orders or inquiries, or as a proactive benchmarking exercise, clients find Exiger's proprietary Controls Assessment Methodology (CAM) particularly valuable as a standardized and repeatable method of objectively understanding risk associated with their design and performance of key compliance activities.

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Proprietary Controls Assessment Method (CAM)

Exiger evaluates and assesses client compliance infrastructure and activities across the following key compliance functions:

Compliance Activities

  • Assurance, Monitoring and Testing
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sanctions
  • Technology & Data
  • Investigations
  • Proactive Compliance

Compliance Integration

  • Culture
  • Governance & Resourcing
  • Incentivizing Compliance
  • Management Information
  • Training

Business Lens

  • Sustainability
  • Longevity

Multiple Applications

Exiger's Controls Assessment Methodology can be applied to assess client compliance organizations to provide:

  • A targeted view of a single geography, line of business or compliance function
  • A broader view of multiple regions, compliance activities or lines of business

Answer Key Questions

Exiger's controls assessment helps compliance professionals at all levels to understand:

  • How they are performing
  • Gaps and flaws in program design and infrastructure
  • Gaps in program performance and execution


Exiger's Controls Assessment and proprietary CAM help clients to:

  • Achieve a baseline objective understanding of the maturity and effectiveness of compliance functions
  • Focus time, budget and resource allocations to the areas of most critical need
  • Achieve a snapshot of compliance within a defined budget and time to completion
  • Benchmark compliance activities against best practice