A Faster, Cost-Effective Approach to Investment Risk Management

At Exiger, we understand the time and cost constraints investment teams are under. Our technology-enabled, broad-spectrum solutions find risks swiftly, so you can make investment decisions with confidence.


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Pre-Investment, IPO & Fundraising Due Diligence

Not all due diligence is created equal. Exiger’s spectrum of due diligence gives you exactly what you need to meet your risk, time and budget constraints. Save time and money with real-time profiles using DDIQ, or leverage our global network of expert analysts and trusted in-country sources to provide a deeper dive when the stakes are high.

Onboard & Monitor Your Investors with Confidence

“Companies are bolstering their monitoring programs and exploring outsourcing some or all of their alert review and escalation program to keep up with increasing third-party volumes, fast changing sanctions and mandated transparency into critical infrastructure supply chains.”

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Modern Solutions for Investment Risk Management

Purpose-built to help you manage the complexity and volume of today’s data and regulatory environment. Protect your firm with Exiger’s technology-enabled risk management solutions.


Exiger’s Award-Winning AI-Powered Research Engine

Third-Party Risk Management

With scalable solutions designed to safely accelerate TPRM, Exiger is arming compliance teams with the tools they need to do more with less.

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Exiger’s combination of purpose-built technology and practical expertise arms governments and companies with modern solutions to solve their biggest compliance and risk management challenges.

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