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Ion Channel - Software for Supply Chain Management

Product level intelligence for software capabilities – products and projects – that provides unprecedented transparency for enterprise public sector and commercial customers.


Ion Channel is a risk management platform that enables analysis, exchange and continuous monitoring of Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) to actively manage third party risk, contract and regulatory compliance.

Software Risk Management ... for All


Analyze vendor and contractor SBOMs, perform pre-purchase due diligence and ongoing verification of compliance with cybersecurity terms and conditions.

Engineering Management

Generate SBOMs for customers, enhance risk protection, provide third-party certification of supply chain assurance.

Risk & Compliance

Enforce enterprise policies consistently across internal development, outsourced software development and commercial products. Automate verification of compliance with security SLAs.

How to Build Resilience to Open-Source Software Supply Chain Risks

how it works

Low False Positives.
Clear Actions.
Unparalleled Insights.

The Ion Channel platform tames the complexity of supply chain risk management. Ion Channel enriches software inventories, manifests and SBOMs with supply chain intelligence and proprietary analytics to support low false positives, clear actions and unparalleled insights.

Continuously Manage Risk

Software Supply Chain Assurance in an Open-Source World

Enterprises need simple ways to define and enforce security criteria for software coming into the infrastructure — and to tier suppliers based on responsiveness to security issues that emerge in their products on a continuous basis. Ion Channel maintains time-based records of how long known vulnerabilities are allowed to persist in open-source components and supplier products. It also tracks leading risk indicators like end-of-life, maintenance risk, technical debt and ecosystem risk.


Ion Channel was acquired by Exiger in 2023 to create the only  technology company to illuminate every dimension of the supply chain, including corporate relationships, physical products, manufacturing processes, raw materials and software.  READ MORE

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