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Exiger Intelligence

With an analytics-led approach, Exiger’s AI-powered eDiscovery solutions are accelerating the path to resolution by efficiently transforming data into meaningful insights and reducing the resource burden presented by regulatory investigations and corporate litigation. 

Find the Stories Hidden in Your Data

Exiger Intelligence was used to investigate a rogue hedge fund trader suspected of fraud. Despite the massive volume of data to review, Exiger completed a thorough and swift investigation to satisfy the SEC’s order and resolve the matter in a quick and cost-effective way.

chats, trading records & emails analyzed in 6 weeks
fraud identified
legal fees saved

The Service, Security & Sophistication You Need

Regulators want more. Compliance teams have less. Insight 3PM's real-time research and configuration attributes are empowering compliance teams to take more control over their risk management program by putting them in the driver’s seat of the technology tools powering them. Increasing efficiency, transparency and auditability, Insight 3PM is helping compliance teams do more with less. 

Drive Your Critical Business Decisions with Insight


Bottles of beer on the wall


Bottles of beer on the wall

Transforming the fight against financial crime & corruption

We work every day to make the world a safer place to do business

Transforming the fight against financial crime & corruption

We work every day to make the world a safer place to do business

Our Technology

Exiger Intelligence . . . It’s All About the How.

Real innovation combined with experienced professionals driving scalable, defensible results.

Better Results

Using Natural Language Processing, Named Entity Recognition, advanced analytics and AI-enhanced modeling, Exiger Intelligence generates insights and develops key story lines.

Faster Review

Exiger’s efficient process, developed over hundreds of client engagements, combined with machine learning models that prioritize the most relevant documents for review, dramatically accelerate the eDiscovery life cycle.

Lower Costs

Exiger’s AI-driven approach eliminates dependence on non-expert contract reviewers, resulting in significantly lower costs and faster timelines.

We support every phase of the EDRM from information governance to review, analysis and production.
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