Find the Stories Hiding in Your Data
Leveraging industry-leading analytic-driven solutions designed to address the growing challenge of managing today's data-heavy regulatory enforcement, government investigations, and complex litigation environment.



We support every phase of EDRM from information governance to review, analysis and production. 

What makes Exiger eDiscovery different from other solutions?

Our organizational commitment to an analytics-first approach is unique within the industry

Analytics Professionals

At Exiger, our innovative analytics-first approach delivers critical insights to our clients faster.

Between information overload, time pressure and budget constraints, extracting the most important meaning from volumes of complex datasets presents enormous challenges when companies rely solely on teams of contract reviewers or untrained technology.

Powered by AI, our unique approach connects data elements, visualizes the big picture, and creates customized models to drive your most important decisions. . . no armies required.

When it Comes to eDiscovery, It’s the Little Things that Make a Big Difference



Case Studies

Preparing for Technology-Assisted DSARs

GDPR + CCPA compliance costs will continue to soar in 2020 and over the next 5 years. Now is the time to consider technology before poor manual approaches have become embedded.

Exiger Intelligence: International Bank Case Study

A foreign bank customer’s scheme attracts the attention of both the DOJ and OFAC, causing them to focus on the bank and require an internal investigation headed by Exiger.

Exiger Intelligence: Hedge Fund Case Study

Exiger assists with a hedge fund's internal investigation after they self-report a rogue trader manipulating the value of their positions in order to inflate his commissions.