Exiger Insight 3PM is a powerful and flexible Third Party Risk Management Platform backed by the most advanced and intuitive technology on the market.

Insight 3PM: Third-Party Management Program for Today

Automated Investigative Due Diligence

Adaptable Questionnaires / Risk Assessments

Adaptable Questionnaires / Risk Assessments

Highly-Flexible Risk Model

Intelligent Third-Party Segmentation

Fewer Manual Due Diligence Reports

Ongoing Monitoring & Automated Refresh

Integrate with ERP & Other Systems

Report on Third-Parties & Due Diligence Activity

Deeper Insight into Population Progress & Status

Streamline Third Party Onboarding and Due Diligence

Save Money

Save Money


Increase Accuracy

Save Time

Save Time

Dynamically Assess Third-Party Information

Dynamically Assess Third-Party Information

Conduct Rules Based DD

Conduct Rules-Based Due Diligence

Effectiveness and Defensibility

Ensure Effectiveness & Defensibility of Your Program

The Third-Party Ecosystem is Growing

Third-parties are now made up of suppliers, consultants, agents, affiliates, resellers, and many others. Growing operational complexity and an increasingly stringent regulatory regime makes a sound third-party compliance program critical.

Yesterday's Third-Party Risk Management Process is Outdated


Yesterday's Choice for Due Diligence

Database Screening

  • Time Consuming

  • False Positives

  • Labor Intensive

  • No Analysis

Due Diligence Reports

  • High Cost

  • Impractical

  • Inconsistent

  • Slow

  • Not Auditable


  • Emailed

  • No Audit

  • No Management Info

  • No Attestation

  • No Reminders


  • Manually Performed

  • Manually Tracked

  • Inconsistent

  • No Audit

Today's Choice for Cost-Effective Due Diligence

DDIQ rapidly and effectively generates comprehensive risk profiles. Quickly onboard new third parties with efficiency and auditability. Go deeper without the traditional expense and time required of manual reports. Required for global compliance as well as operational and reputational risk reduction (DDIQ Risk Profile).



Exiger offers a wide range of options for implementation based on the maturity and needs of your compliance program. Be up and running in a matter of days, or engage our advisory team to help you develop a program from the ground up. Our system can also accommodate increased complexity over time as your process becomes more mature.


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